HeavyPack by NSG

The new HeavyPacks, the better weight chains for your progressive muscle training

Made in Germany HeavyPack

Our HeavyPack weight belts

Progressive strength training for effective muscle building

These weight belts bring power to your workout and you – from isolated muscle training to full body workout! The HeavyPack weight belts are easy to use and suitable for everyone. But NEVER underestimate the power of the HeavyPacks – you will feel the success!

Varied and efficient training with many advantages

With conventional weight training you lift a static weight. The HeavyPack weight belts can do much more! You simply attach them to your working weight (dumbbells or your body). In the starting position, a part of the chain lies on the floor.

As you lift your weights, the chain lifts off the floor, dynamically increasing the load as you move. In addition, other auxiliary muscles and muscle fibers are activated, which remain unloaded with static weight.

In this way, you can also overcome the so-called training plateaus by continuously increasing your weight with light HeavyPacks. And all this at home WITHOUT annoying your partner or neighbors with unnecessary loud noises.

In addition, your floor is not broken and that saves money AND nerves!

What distinguishes the NSG HeavyPacks?

Conventional weight chains or also called power chains, made of iron or steel, have no protection. They scratch the floor and are noisy, feel cold in the winter and hot and slippery in the summer. Not so the HeavyPack weight belts. All of NSG’s weight belts have DEKRA-certified, sweat-proof fabric covers that make your skin feel comfortable.

The HeavyPack weight belts are available in the following versions: 5, 8, 12, 16 and 20kg. All straps are 1.80m long and have two loops for hanging on the dumbbell bar. You can secure them with your safety utensils designed for your dumbbell bar. So this is also NOT, as with other weight chains or power chains usual, damaged by NOT suitable tensioning means!

The HeavyPack weight belts challenge your muscles to the maximum and get everything out of you as dynamic additional weights. They are your ideal companion for maximum strength training as well as for explosive and high-speed strength training.



The NSG HeavyPacks are perfect to intensify all exercises of your strength training.

Shoulder Press



Front Lift Dumbbell




Side lift Dumbbell



A body that is fit, muscular and sculpted is priceless. The NSG HeavyPacks help you to achieve this in a cost-effective and efficient way!

2+ pcs



Die NSG HeavyPacks sind ideal für erfahrene Kraftsportler. Unsere Kunden wissen: mit diesen Gewichtsgurten können sie ihr Training abwechslungsreicher gestalten, ihre Maximalkraft steigern und neue Wachstumsreize erreichen.



The HeavyPacks are of very good quality and are gentle on our flooring.

My first workout with the Heavypacks was a really great experience.

I used them for squats, bench presses and barbell rowing. It was an unfamiliar but good feeling when training and I myself think that the muscles had to do more.

The HeavyPacks enable a silent workout in the studio. In addition, the HeavyPacks are versatile and of great quality.


Attention experienced strength athletes: Intensify your training and make it varied! Increase your maximum strength and activate auxiliary muscles through progressive strength training with the unique NSG HeavyPacks.

Start your progressive strength training for effective muscle building and get one of our highly sought-after HeavyPacks NOW.

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If you are interested in our HeavyPacks as a B2B customer, you are welcome to contact us directly here. Among other things, we offer you the possibility to send the HeavyPacks in your name. By doing so, we would like to protect the environment and promote sustainability and environmental awareness by saving CO2 and resources.

Furthermore, we can print the HeavyPacks directly for you or your customers with your or their branding.

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